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1. You are creating an online tutorial website and you want to make sure only paid users can download the content in a secured manner. You are capturing the user information in RDS , what is the best solution to securely serve the content to the users

2. You are building a platform which uses S3 to serve photo for a professional photographer who can sell their photo in the platform. After some days you can see that other places are using the same photo which is available on your website. How can you stop this with least effort?

3. You have an application which was having some information about the employees, the application was storing the data in employee table which were having all the information. There is a requirement to store the employee image for each employee. What changes you will make to the application which will be most cost effective

4. As part of the latest  information security rule you need to make sure you store store the document  for 6 months during this the documents will be used frequently but after that these need to deleted . What is the best possible solution you can come up with

5. You are trying to upload 150 GB of data to S3 from your local data center which is located in India . You are using S3 cli command to upload the data in S3 bucket which is in us-west-1.You see the upload speed is very slow what can possibly increase the upload speed wiht minimum cost

6. You are creating an application for geo specific use which uses Ec2 to server traffic and S3 as the files storage which are being served to the user. What you will do to maximize the performance of the application [Choose 2]

7. You as a DevOps engineer need to comply with some GDPR rules and as a requirement you need to delete the user profile information which are held in different objects in a bucket in S3 and the bucket is versioning enabled . What will be the best approach for this scenario [Choose 2]

8. You are building an application which has potentials for thousands of users and you have decided on using S3 for storing the files  (sizes in Megabytes ) which needs to be served to the users. You are not sure which documents and how frequently it will be used. What will be the storage class that you will use in this case for the best cost and availability

9. As part of the latest  information security rule you need to make sure you store store the document  for 6 months during this the documents will be used frequently but after that these need to deleted . What is the best possible solution you can come up with

10. You are architecting an accessibility application using AWS textract and Poly , as part of the process you are creating MP3 files and a text file  (you should keep them unless users download it )for each  Adobe form that is coming as an input. What kind of data storage you will use for the best possible solution?

11. Your application sees certain spike when it serves document to the different users .Few users suddenly starts to download big files using torrent , while suddenly many concurrent users come in while some promotion is there what kind of architecture will you be using for storing the data for best solution [Choose 2]

12. As part of the latest security requirement, you need to secure the data stored in S3 at rest what will be the possible solution [Choose 2]

13. You are creating a chatting application , you need to make sure the application is highly available and scalable , the users should be able to chat with each other without much latency , which architecture you will choose.

14. You have got a version enabled bucket and assume that you have 31 day months . On the first day you have created an object of size 4 gb and on the 16 th day you perform a put object of 6 gb using the same key in the same bucket . What will be the charge for this bucket

15. You as an AWS architect need to design a solution where you manage multiple aws account .In one of the account there is an S3 bucket which holds large set of web crawling data which is accessed by other account users in a regular basis. You need to make sure each account should be charged as much they use the bucket .What should be your solution

16. You are creating a document management application and requirement is multiple users should be able to update same document .You also need to make sure none of the users data is overwritten permanently can be retrieved when required . What will be the solution in this scenario?

17. As an AWS architect, you need to make sure the performance of your application is as scalable as possible.The application will serve some static files to the user what will be the best solution

18. You are creating a  photo sharing application, once the photos are uploaded in the platform the thumbnail image of the photo is displayed and user can click on that and down the load the actual image. What will be best architecture for this kind of application

19. You are working in financial house where there is a requirement to archive the salary slip of the employees. The employees can fetch the last three months salary slip in real time but for the salary slip before than they need wait for a day. What is the best possible solution for this kind of situation?

20. You need to host an application which is having client-side scripting, image and videos. You need to make sure the application is highly available scalable. Which is best possible solution?


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