This is a practice test

This is a  sectional test for ECS

Only these question will get you covered for all the associate level exams (ECS does not feature in SysOps, this only for solution architect and developer exam)

Go through the NOTES it will get you covered for the exam

  • The questions are with greater difficulty level with SA associate exam.
  • Please try to find the answer on your own
  • There some really updated service related questions
  • I have not kept any question questions from professional level but this can really help for that level
  • If you want a time-bound quiz with exact difficulty check for the practice test sets

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1. GoPro is an leading action camera manufacturer , Customers who subscribe to GoPro Plus—the company’s cloud-based video service—can also upload, edit, and store their videos easily, store different profiles.What solution will be the best for this kind of scenarios, provided all these activities are comination of batch job and on demand

2. Which are true about ECS  [Choose 3]

3. As part of your application re-architecting, your developers have given you codes that can run as different service and you have deployed in a 3 Ec2 machine ECS cluster, but you can’t see any status information coming from the agent, What can be the possible causes? [Choose all that apply]

4. As s DevOps engineer you are creating an ECS cluster, you want to install the container Agent when the application starts to boot, what should you do?

5. Coursera had a large monolithic application for processing batch jobs and they are DevOps engineer is reporting frequent application downtime whenever there is a surge in traffic. What will you suggest to solve the issue which will also reduce the infrastructure running cost

6. What are the main components of ECS ? [Choose 3]

7. You are planning to create an application which requires some specific libraries to be present in your operating system. The application consists of different functions which range from batch jobs, on-demand jobs, and some part of the machine learning application. Which architecture will be the best fit in this situation, 

8. Which statement defines the Task definition in ECS?


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