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1. You have an enterprise application which is having SQS and thousands of messages are getting dropped in it and to consume it there are multiple EC2 instances that are processing these messages and deleting them. Your DevOps engineers are reporting of huge bills are getting incurred for this entire process. What are the possible solutions to reduce the bills without taking many hits of the performance? [Choose as many as apply]

2. As part of the new business requirement, you need to make sure you store the clickstream ( which store the clicks made by the user in sequence and streams them in realtime ) data of all the users in real-time and analyze them. What is the best possible way you can do that?

3. You are creating a static web application which is used for storing images uploaded by the user. The images are then run by some filters and after processing them, different filtered images are to be stored in some places, for the user to be downloaded. What will be the best architecture which can sustain certain spike in user activity and cater to the varying number of images uploaded with reliable performance?

4. You have created an application where users are uploading photos and they are stored in SQS and then an Ec2 instance is reading the messages and applying some filters on them and storing the filtered phots in S2 bucket. You have seen this entire process is taking more time to get completed, to solve this you have added another similar  EC2 instance which reads the same message from the queue. But you can see the second Ec2 instance is not receiving any message to consume what can be the possible reason?


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