Googling Style for a DevOps or Cloud engineer

I know this sounds a bit strange but from my past experience what I have seen adding a simple word in the search criteria can make a lot of difference. I am sharing my experience what I have found to be quite effective in the last few years. I am not going to talk about using and, or operator, negation or some nifty developer trick to use google which is going to give you some filtered result, this is for the DevOps and cloud engineers, for funky developers googling trick you can Goole.

The trick that I find is most effective is completely dependent on the situation and I am going to write that situation where my googling strategy works the best 


Situation: I am doing the implementation in a project where I need to configure API gateway or Some Jenkins plugin or Need to create a DB security group in AWS. The need of the hour is to know the exact configuration by clicking on the UI — — Youtube is the best place for this. Make sure you follow the latest one which or the most viewed one while following the steps 
Result for DB security group

Googling something with the DB security group will lead you to a bunch of AWS official documentation, where doing the same on YouTube will yield the above result.


Situation: We need to find some Terraform/ Cloud formation script for the creation of public or private VPC. We need to find some sample shell script to find and replace using sed or need to create some playbook for Ansible for MySQL installation. Use the secret sauce of GitHub as the keyword to find ymls, script or configuration files or to get the reference of actual production grade code .

The above search result will give us tons of code that can save hours of work. As a DevOps/Cloud engineer, we should try to use the Github repo as much as we can, a smart engineer will get the business problem resolved that to reinvent the wheel. I cannot stress enough how much GitHub can help you to come up with code, great product ideas. Make sure you see the last updates, issue list once before starting to use the code.


Situation: You need to come up with some capability deck ex: Serverless Architecture pattern or Cloud migration readiness report. Maybe you are responding to some RFP and need to highlight some strategy , use awsstatic as a key word. 

I don’t have anything against azure or GCP but even if I put “Microsoft white paper, google while paper” as the keyword the results are not that great. Whereas I see awsstatic has some awesome white papers which are fantastic in this situation. Don’t miss the reference section readings as we’ll they are gold mines some time.


Situation: You are stuck with some error, ex: MySQL 8 remote connection, python environment is screwed or maybe not able to connect to the DB from the application server, all-weather Stackoverflow key word to help.

Make sure you check all the tiniest of comments and all the answers. Do upvote and post your answer, give back to the community. I know we can have entry-level barriers from a lot of nerdy developers stating that StackOverflow is only for programming-related discussion but troubleshooting is also a huge part of software engineering.


Situation: Assume we are looking from some tool level solution or some working architecture, ex: Deploying to K8s using Jenkins. The scope is generic and you are not entirely sure in this case using Medium as a keyword will give you a lot of resources.

I have seen digital ocean also coming up with some good blogs. Some sub mediums like towards Data science,, Reddit blogs are also pretty good.


Situation: You are looking for some architecture diagram for some cloud-native application development in this case using image or png can give you some good results.

Googling is an art and can help you to digup a lot of useful information 

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