Remembering this will cover you for the exam 

For microservice run ECS and farget
For more control and customization use, ECS without farget as it does not give root access

ECS components

  • Task definition ( A JSON which defines the Docker image type, memory, configuration, IAM roles )
  • Container Agent (A program that is installed in the ECS optimized AMI to connect to different containers)
  •  Service Scheduler – Defines how different running containers (TASKS ) can be placed in ECS cluster, Support batch Jobs also controls scaling and service discovery
  • Cloudwatch – ECS supports cloud trail logging
  • Networking 1. Create VPC endpoint or private link and attach to VPC’s route table for ECR connection or internet access
  • Implement NAT gateway and attach it to a route table


With farget, you cannot have root access in the cluster2.
IF there is some more control on EC2 instance use EC2 (you will not get questions where you have to choose between Ec2 or ECS, either choose both or give ECS priorityfor microservice
 You need to configure VPC endpoints or NAT for ECR and internet registry
Never choose any custom or third-party solution or EKS for logging or scheduling
 IAM roles need to configure for ECS container agent for access6. security group’s inbound and outbound rules need to configured in the instance for communication
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