Top 10 Places for AWS Project Ideas for beginners

Top 10 places for AWS Project Ideas

Why Live Projects matters the Most

As they say picture is worth of thosand words, in tech live gitrepo is worth of multiple certification

As a moderator of one of the fastest-growing AWS Facebook Group I wrote a post about why people should do projects than certification. This attracted quite a bit of attention and to follow it up I am writing about some of the places where people can get ideas about some AWS project.

Some of the best places to find AWS Project ideas

From my past experience 

  • Email classifier which classifies the incoming email depending on the content of the attachment, body, and subject and whom it came from.     

           Services: Work mail, SES, python email module, comprehend ( to do custom intent analysis) textract ( to read the text from PDF attachment

  •  Accessibility helper, popular tools cannot read scanned PDF and forms and interpret images for people with disabilities. Use AWS to solve the problem

           Services: Recognition. Textract 

  • AWS Account vending machine for education. A lot of people may not have credit card to create an account and use that, or you may need a separate account for your developer. Use a temporary token and organization to create credentials with access to some specific services.

             Services: STS, IAM, Organization

  •  Call center Management. Better utilization of call center executives with automated answers, bots and routing to the best possible executives

           Services: Connect, Lex 

  • Real-time Tickets analysis analyze the tickets sterams 

        Services: Kenesis, ELK, Comprehend, sagemaker,

  •  AWS Optimizer. You can use a combination of popular gitrepo (mentioned in below as part of AWS awesome ) to increase the security, reduce cost and more automation.

             Services: Use Amplify for deployment, CDK for cloud formation, Different prebuilt custom config rules for security and cost 


This blog platforms is having some spectacular project implementation . The best part is 

  1. Authors are through about implementation
  2. We can get the fully functional code for reference from Git
  3. Most of the projects have realizable business value rather than a tutorial approach
  4. You connect with the author
  5. If you follow the right people you will never run short of project ideas

Some notable people whom you can search and get grate AWS project ideas

Nadir Dabit — One of the most respected AWS author. Some of his work like below is simply outstanding.

Christopher Bartling 

AWS Startup Collection

Signiant Engineering

The world is shifting out of medium to hacker noon,, Hugo and other but still medium has got some wonderful project ideas

 — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

It is a fantastic place to get some ideas about different AWS projects. You can see different people putting their ideas, codes, videos. You can pick up the ideas even communicate with the idea owner. This is a platform is catered for hardware related projects only.

 — — — — — — —AWS Sample Git repo — — — — — — — 

This is the official repository of AWS, which is having more than 800 repositories you can choose any of them to fork them and submit a pull requests. Approval of any of the pull request will make you stand out.

 — — — — — —AWESOME-AWS GIT REPO — — — — — — 

Another Awesome place to find AWS project ideas. This is a curated list of wonderful projects. These projects are segregated by languages, platforms.

 1. These are mostly for advanced users

2. You should try to look at the business implementation by using more than one of the above ex: using how you decreased the over cost in the account by using spot instance 

Using a popular repo like “Autospotting” in your account and they realizing the benifits can be quite easy and to top it up if you present the business value well to your future employer they will straight away realize your ptential


Aws live coding is another fantastic place to get some real project ides and see implementation.

  1. Projects are of advanced level ( good for getting to solution not enterprise-level implementation)
  2. Git repo available
  3. Live chats to connect with Randel Hunt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Some really kool projects like Deep learning sequencing modeling, Lambda powered twitter bots,


 — — — — — — — — QuikLabs , Katacoda— — — — — —

For beginners, this is a place to start. This gives some simple project ideas which are segregated in different areas.

Quiklabs is another great resource for AWS projects. This is a playground for AWS hands-on labs which can be a great starting point for some own projects.

TIPS: You can get some free credit of quick labs from here

Their projects are mainly infra and DevOps centric but guided sections are really good for some project implementation

— — — — — — — — Freelance Platforms— — — — — — — 

Searching with AWS keyword in popular freelancing platforms like (Upwork,Guru)projects can give you an idea about some projects in AWS.


You can get pretty short and but really effective project ideas ( no one is stopping you to bid and get called in for an interview for greater insight) like below

Hello, we need to set up an FTP and have the site scrubbed daily that will update a CSV, XML, or TXT file. The site we need scrubbed each day is it uses AWS for their hosting. I have attached what we need scrubbed each day. We need all of the fields filed.

Or some extravagant ideas of blockchains, and simulation of biomedical surgery using AWS Deeplense.

Honorary mentions:

1.Coding boot camps (ex: bloc, hack reactor e.t.c) student projects

2. Ycombinator


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