Antipattern of Lambda and API gateway

Lambda API Gateway

This quick anit patterns can help you in finding some quick answer in AWS Certification.

1. You cannot access the underneath execution environment of the Lambda function
2. To connect to any resources which are no it private VPC lambda need that VPC subnet and security group information
3. Lambda cannot access the internet without a NAT instance or NAT gateway
4. Failed lambda events can be tackled using dead letter que (SQS) or SNS , if not configured it will be discarded . For batch process it retry till the data expires or
5. No need to know any lambda error code , or limits
6. No need to know which kind of events triggers lambda
7. Use alias for different versions and deployment to different enviornment dev , test, e.t.c
8. You can give permission to another account to access your Lambda fucntion using cross account funciton policy using CLI or SDK
9. Datebase user id or passoword or any other secret infromation use System Manager and paramterstore , or Secrets amanger or enviornment variable with KMS encryption at rest

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